Drawing has always been the first and most immediate way I find expression. After years of pointillism, with slow deliberate accumulation of detail, I arrived at a new plateau with a different viewpoint. This changed the way I think about constructing a piece.  Representational works on paper with ink dots evolved into the ammunition of testosterone-fueled suburban youth: airsoft BBs.
In this body of work plastic ammunition is aggressively thrown to form shot-pattern abstractions frozen in time. Each panel has its own unique patterns and characteristics enclosed within epoxy with the suggestion that imperfections reach the visible surface from deeper internal depths. Each BB retains its own origin, its own history, similar to the formation of inclusions in natural gem crystals, and a person accumulating both physical and mental scars throughout a lifetime.
Vivid gem-tone colors and reflective metal coatings in the Ammunition Paintings act as internally-flawed filters to allow the viewer to actually see themselves and their surroundings, maybe conjuring up thoughts of self-reflection.


*All paintings are HIGHLY reflective, and have been photographed through a white reflector wall. This is done to show the full native color, free of environmental absorption and distortion.